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ICC – Christian Worship Service

International Christian Community – A non-denominational church for those seeking a relationship with God.

Worship Service: 11 AM.

Location: Nicanor Aguilar y Solano, just north and east of Mt. Sinai Hospital.

Why Drink the Blood of Jesus?

Have you ever wondered why we Christians say that we “drink the blood of Jesus?” What does participating in the cup Jesus drank mean  to you? Come join us this Sunday at 11 AM at the International Christian Community as we explore these questions in our worship service through prayer, song, the spoken word and the celebration of the Lord's Supper. Also plan to stay after the service to enjoy fellowship and a meal we call God's Pot Lunch. There is no need for visitors to bring anything but their desire to enjoy God with us.

You can find our scripture readings for this Sunday on our website:

October 2nd, from 11 AM to 1:30 PM,  Nicanor Aguilar y Solano, Cuenca.

Bard Gale: