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Heart night

Please join us for an extraordinary day/evening of music, dance, theatre, art, gourmet cuisine and presentation of the Domes of Cuenca, temporary housing for the earthquake victims.

"Heart Night" or "Noche de Shungo" is an all day and night event at Pumapungo Musuem.  Saturday, Oct 1

Cultural events begin at 11 AM until 11 PM presented by Salita, free.

Experience international music and dance, Barojo theatre, drum circles and childrens' events, art works,
and exhibition of drawings of the human figure.  On display will be the new prototype of the Domes of Cuenca, an enlarged version to house a family of 6 -8 persons.  Dance to DJs in the evening.

Participants: Teatro Barojo, Cristian Lopez, Sandra Gomez, Carla Altamirano, Colectivo Mina, Ernesto Ortiz,
Luna Piedra, Pablo Ramos, Mashi Yura, Peter Dudar and Sally Marr.
Contact: Mashi Yura 284 8389 / 098 091 6648