GringoPost | Cuenca, Ecuador: Bodhi's sourdough pancake and waffle brunch in Cuenca, Oct. 2nd

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Bodhi's sourdough pancake and waffle brunch in Cuenca, Oct. 2nd

Bodhi's Sourdough Pancake and Waffle Brunch just 10 minutes from downtown Cuenca, but as our little farm sits on 5 acres overlooking the valley and river below you will feel like you are a million miles away from the city. The air is clean and the loudest noise is generally cows or sheep in the field below. Our 800 square foot patio is an indoor outdoor feel so rain will not get you.

Additionally there will be eggs, egg and vegetable fritata, Sausages, Sourdough biscuits and Sausage gravy, hash browns, roast vegetables, fresh organic raw yogurt (strawberry flavor) and fresh fruits, homemade strawberry jam and syrup. Not to mention, bloody Mary's, Irish coffee, mimosas with fresh squeezed orange juice, screwdrivers and vodka lemonades with homemade lemonade. All you can eat for $9.95.

The brunch is at the Aquaponics Farm of Cuenca which is 10 minutes from downtown. Make sure to ask for a tour and brief science talk as to the workings of our most clean and green organic food production system. We are growing trout and vegetables in symphony where the fish water is food for the plants and the plants and accompanying bacteria are cleaning the water for the fish.

We seat by reservation only so contact us to reserve a spot and get directions to the farm. Our next brunch will be October 2nd, from 10:30 to 2:30 PM. We will feature a new item, by request, French toast. For those of you that haven't heard about what we are offering, keep reading.

Our Sourdough is considered an Alaskan Treasure. It was brought to Alaska via the Chilkoot Trail by Judge James Wikersham in 1897. From there it ended up in the hands of one of the first Female bush pilots, Amylou Barney and finally ending up in the hands of my mom, Diane Boone, in the 1980s and my hands in the 1990s.

Foodies will tell you the longer a sourdough is nurtured the better the flavor. That is the reason this little living starter has enchanted generations with its flavor and has been passed along for the 120 that we can trace. Clearly it has been passed down probably for hundreds of years before. The number of people that have told me this Sourdough Starter has created the best pancakes and waffles they have ever had is countless now. Beware, once you try these pancakes and waffles it may ruin you for all others. Breads or pancakes using this starter tend to be diabetic friendly and super low gluten do to the digestive action of the live starter. Oh and we make our own Ghee to cook with due to the amazing flavor and health benefits.

Bodhi Kroll: email or facebook message us for a reservation.

Oct. 2nd. from 10:30 to 2:30 PM, Cuenca

Bodhi Kroll: