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Dog training article - important missing information

A recent article in CuencaHighLife about Dogs Obedience School omitted some very important information. I agree that Robert is adept at training dogs and seems to have a special way with them. When I took my dog there I was not given any contract, agreement, or paperwork of any kind. The facility is in Ochoa Leon, not Cuenca, so it is quite a distance. They do have transportation, but what I wasn't told was that the driver charges $12 per trip.

I was also not informed that if the driver has to wait for any reason, for example a trip to the vet, she charges $10/hr. Our meeting schedule was changed frequently by Robert, so that it was difficult to plan my day. When we had a disagreement about money owed (again, nothing in writing), my dog was taken away, and held until I met the demands they dictated. BEWARE! I was threatened with legal action if I said anything.

Janet Crumley:

City: Cuenca