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Banks, financial investments

My name is Ignacio Brito. I work in a financial call credit union, Juventud Ecuatoriana Progresista, JEP. I work in the area of investments to offer competitive interest rates for a substantial return on client’s money. The company is very safe and the best in the country. The fixed term deposit is an alternate way to invest securely with satisfying returns, having one of the highest rates of returns on the financial market. The investment time terms are set with prior consent.

Amounts: Deposits starting at $100 or more

Term: Minimum 30 days

Return: The rates vary depending on the terms of the investment

Terms and interest rates:

More than 360 Days 8.50%
30 - 59 Days 5.50%
60 - 89 Days 5.75%
90 - 179 Days 6.25%
180 - 269 Days 7.00%
270 - 359 Days 7.50%

Thank you for your kind attention.

Address: Sucre y Padre Aguirre, Cuenca

Ignacio Brito: 099 977 8856