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CT licensed, nationally board certified, massage therapist

For all the new people to Cuenca (and GringoPost), I am once again introducing myself for your Therapeutic Massage Services. My name is Jerri Elena Ridley, and my business name is "Body Balance." My practice was created out of a love of helping people find relief from their day to day stress, headaches, body tension and pain. I incorporate various studied techniques (i.e., NeuroMuscular and Advanced Deep Tissue, Myoskeletal Alignment, Medical Massage, Sports Massage, Reflexology, Trigger Point Technique, Energy Work and Intuition) which help soften and release muscle and fascia tightness (e.g., knots, spasms, contractions, congested tissue, trigger points) in order that you can feel looser, move easier, and progress towards a more relaxed and pain-free body.

Each client I engage with is afforded the opportunity to understand their possible muscular issues. I provide understanding to move in a positive direction naturally, physically and mentally. I assist in the achievement of experiencing actual progress in their continued path toward health.

You may find more information about my background and accomplishments in the GringoPost "Business Directory" and "Recommendations" sections.

For this Father's Day Month (June, 2016), I am offering one special for each new client I meet.
Choose either ~~ 2 -1 hour massages for $40 or 2 - 90 minute massages for $70.

If you would like an appointment, or to ask any questions, you can reach me at my email address, or you may call me via WhatsApp or phone (as listed below).

I look forward to helping you on your path towards health. Thank you.

Miguel Moreno 5-20 y Roberto Crespo (Toral)

Jerri Elena Ridley: 097 901 4909