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Happy Thanksgiving day from the team of GringoPost
Ads will resume tomorrow morning



My name is Nancy and I am planning my move to Cuenca by the end of this year, I am reaching out (not usual for me) to meet people and gain any useful knowledge before I make one of the greater leaps of my life. I am a friend of Bill W, and hoping to connect with other friends. Any useful information, tips, warnings etc. are much appreciated.

I will keep this a brief intro. Just wanted to start somewhere.

Thank you so much.


Is there Van Service from Cuenca to Banos?

I have looked and looked and I see many sites from google that mention public buses from Cuenca to Banos but I don't see anything about private bus service. Does anyone know a service they can recommend? I am not looking for a private driver just a seat in a van, Thanks.


Michael Littmann - Saturday's Post

It was great to have a real man call out the multitude of immature gringos regarding their mean, bitter, and hateful comments after a posted question. The past five plus years, Cuenca has seen a major deterioration in quality of Gringos coming to Cuenca as evidenced by their arrogant and mean spirited posts.

It is time for many in the Gringo community to grow up and keep their negative comments to themselves or within their ¨group¨ and/or cliché. Call yourselves an expat, but you are still a gringo. This post from a five year plus gringo and Cuenca resident.

Scott James: .

City: Cuenca

Little white doggie in distress...

My husband and I walk the Tomebamba River, between 3 De Noviembre and Ave. Unida Nacional (Across from and nearby Clinica Latina. Just down the River, on the North Side of the Tomebamba). We've noticed in the past 3 days a small, white, raggedy looking doggy always looking worried, getting thinner and is scared. He is always looking as though he is waiting for someone. We've concluded that someone just dropped there and abandoned him. We've been here about 7 weeks and never seen him before until now. We do not have the means to get him to a shelter as we are leaving for the USA shortly and our Condo does not allow for animals. We are fairly new in Cuenca and do not know how to contact a shelter or help. We do not own a vehicle. Whenever we approach with water, he cowers and runs.

Weekly free language exchange

Join us to exchange languages, share and learn with native speakers of English, Spanish, French, German and other languages. We will talk about different cultures, languages and current events happening around the world. You will appreciate our casual, organized, and courteous format. We encourage everyone to speak in the language they want to learn. Feedback on your efforts will be provided by our members who are native speakers of that language.

Updated list of what can be brought into Ecuador

Greetings.. We will be moving to Cuenca in August, 2017. I am having a hard time finding an updated list of what is allowed to be brought into the country per person. I have found some lists online, however they are dated some years ago. Any assistance with a link to an updated list would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

Jason Pry: .

City: Cuenca

Massage therapist

I am seeking a massage therapist who can come to one’s home. The person would need a portable table. Has anyone had this service?


Cindy Massey: 099 554 1327. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Garment racks

I am looking to purchase metal, free-standing racks for hanging clothes. Willing to have someone make them on spec open to any and all recommendations. Is there a closet outfitter in Cuenca?


City: Cuenca


Hi facilitators. We need help in electronic tax filing our IVA receipts for Dec. 2016 – Feb. 2017. How much money would you charge to do those 3 months and train me to do subsequent months myself? (We have computer, PIN Code, and we live at the Edificio Palermo on Ordonez Lasso).


Hannah Wiesner: .

City: Cuenca

Young adult foster dog looking for a forever home


I have been living with a loving couple for the last few months but need to find a forever home before they have to move (they travel quite a lot). I came to them in a pretty bad state, but they cleaned me up, got me all my vaccinations, and gave me lots of love and walks. Now I'm healthy and a good boy who is well-trained on commands like sit, wait, down, come, and heel. I also had 'the operation' so I won't be increasing the number of homeless puppies on the streets of Cuenca.

I am looking for work

Hello, I am looking for work in Cuenca; anything that has to do with electronics, fences, renovating, or cleaning. I am a hard worker and willing to work whenever and for however long. If you need any help at all please call/text me or shoot me an email.

Thank you.

Michael: 561 260 4137. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Safe bicycle route

Hello, Does anyone know a long safe bicycle route? Without riding near the cars, not stopping for every crossroad. Thanks.

Jenya: 099 411 7443. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

English speaking driver


 English speaking driver pleased to: take you to other towns, pick up and drop off to any airport at any time, sightseeing, do errands, taxi service, and facilitator.

Transportation can be done by: SUV, van, and up to 40 passengers.



Nestor Reinoso: 096 742 1444 / 099 623 9495

Furniture re-upholstery services

We are the number #1 upholstery services in Cuenca. Let us provide decorative accents that give extra appeal to your home or office. A&B Upholsterers is a full-service upholstery shop for residential and commercial customers.

Bring your furnishings to life; whether it's a simple re-covering or complete refurbishing, let our upholstery experts enhance your furniture with superior expertise and craftsmanship. We handle everything from personal projects to big projects.


Shopping to Cook at Home Tour – tomorrow

Tomorrow (Tuesday July 25th) at 9:15 AM

Perfect for those who have recently moved here or are visiting with the possibility of moving here.

Walking tour includes spending time at SuperMaxi, an open air fruit and vegetable market, and smaller stores nearby to familiarize yourself with:

Did you know?

Studying Spanish one-to-one helps you discover amazing skills that you did not know, giving you all the security and the impulse to speak Spanish. Learning Spanish at Insticuenca Spanish School is easy and cheap. That's why Insticuenca Spanish School offers you a new package for private classes. 1½ hour classes, twice a week, for 3 weeks. That´s 9 hours total, for only $60 ($6.61/hour). You will be speaking with one of our teachers that has lots of experience teaching Spanish here in Cuenca. Our teachers concentrate on the topics to make your daily life easier. Our schedules are flexible, we can help you. This is special price for you.

Address: Liribamba 1-36 y 24 de Mayo (close to beautiful Paraiso Park). Fon: 099 581 3182 or 409 6416 or WhatsApp 593 097 997 5477

Teo or Sandra Perez

Marketing Mania by Bexx

I am in the best at working in restaurants, bars, and more I have over 25 years’ experience working as a bartender, cocktail server, high-end restaurant server, hotel manager, and so much more. If you are seeking someone who speaks English to work for you, and do marketing and promotions, to boost your business, as well, I'm the girl for you. I have excellent recommendations, and have worked at several local restaurants, within Cuenca, over the past five years. Please email me if you are interested in me working for you and boosting your business, as well as giving your guests the best service and experience they can ever hope for.

Short-term rental

We just arrived in Cuenca and are in need of a furnished, 2-bedroom apartment while we are looking for a long term rental. If anyone has information about any possibilities it would be appreciated.


Beach break? Visit Villa de Los Suenos Aug 7-11 with transportation

Let’s Get Cooking and Feasting with Chef Marc on our oceanfront terrace
August 7th - August 11th

We’ve cooked up something special for our next four-night package. Marc Dullin, a French chef who retired and moved to Cuenca, will offer a hands-on cooking class for anyone who wants to participate. And we’ll all enjoy the results—a four-course dinner.

Chef Mark’s last two cooking classes at  Villa de Los Sueños were so popular we are bringing him back.  Our guests will be treated to some fun and an extraordinary meal. Fortunately, multiple generations of 15 fishing families live in our village. All it took was a single phone call, and the next morning a 22-pound sea bass and langostinos were delivered to our kitchen straight from the boats. A lot of side dishes were prepared by Mark and our own breakfast cook Elena. Our 10 guests from Cuenca had such a wonderful meal that we invited Mark to return.

Cuenca Canine Club the only ones certified in Cuenca

Good morning, community,

In your holidays, do not leave your puppy in the hands of inexperienced and improvised people, do not risk their integrity leaving them with people who do not know about dog breeds, the specific characteristics or needs of each breed of dog.

Food for your pet at the best price with home free delivery

Good morning, community.

I want to thank those who have called me and have bought their pet's food at the best prices on the market.

Order delivery schedule:

Tuesday and Saturday afternoon and / or evening

Transport for passengers, pets and parcels in Cuenca and all Ecuador

Good morning, community,

I want to thank everyone who has continued to use my transportation service for passengers, pets and parcels.

These have been a very hectic few weeks but my satisfaction is to feel and to receive your gratefulness and satisfaction of the service received.

It has always been, is a