High interest rates paid in Ecuador?

Does anyone have any insight into how the system works? Currently JEP is paying approx. 9% for a year. Am wondering how they are able to pay this high amount and where their revenue comes from to pay this spread. From what I see, most real estate transactions have to be cash, so there probably isn't mortgage revenue. Just trying to understand the system. In Canada it is easy to understand: you get 1 to 2% per annum but they charge 4 to 5% to borrow, approx. Any info would be appreciated, just want to feel more secure about investing. Thank you,


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Requiring doctor with knowledge of muscle pains and cramping

I am looking for a doctor in Cuenca that has knowledge of muscle pains and cramping. Preferably English but if you know of someone who speaks a little English, that would be fine as well. Have tried Chiropractors and Acupuncturists with little to no results. Thanks in advance for your help,

Bernie Funk

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Police report

One of my guests had her purse stolen at a restaurant in Cuenca. We would like to file a report so she can use this for an insurance claim back in the States and see if the purse (minus money, of course) was turned in anywhere. I cannot find a number to the police except for emergencies, which this is not, or a location. Can anyone help with this information?


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Wanted: Paute/Uzupud house

Professional, discriminating, homeowner seeking peace in a health supporting dwelling above the river. Possible well, gardening and hiking nearby is ideal. I have no dogs, fish, cats, or chickens. Two bedrooms or more, two baths, with garage or covered carport is ideal. Will consider your options. Thanks for your help. I'm flexible on move-in time so keep my contact info if you have a suspicion something will be coming up. Any owner always wants me back. I increase values and rent is always on time.

Steve: gosteve888@gmail.com

Looking for 3 bedroom house for rent

Hello, My husband and I are Looking for 3 bedroom unfurnished house for rent in Cuenca (area), From $300, Must allow pets. Protected (security, bars on the windows and such), in the Racar area near the new Coral Centro. Accepting of pets would be great. Thanks.

Carmen: 099 554 2047.

Calvary Chapel English and Spanish Services-Sundays

Inviting all to worship with us at Calvary Chapel, studying verse-by-verse from the Holy Bible, service in English at 9:30, in Spanish at 11.  Calvary Chapel is pleased to provide Sunday School for both English and Spanish-speaking children. The English language Sunday School is at 9:30 AM, and the Spanish language Sunday School is held at 11. All children are welcome. Please join us also in celebrating the Lord's Supper on the first Sunday of each month during both services. Our new location is at the end of bus line #22, six blocks west of Coral Centro on Montufar and Primera Convención, where the drivers stop to take a break in front of the new church. Enjoy fellowship and brunch weekly after each service.

John T.: iacprx@yahoo.com

English Christian Worship

All are welcome to come to worship God at International Christian Community (ICC) this Sunday, March 1 at 10:30 AM. We celebrate communion this week, and the service is followed by a potluck dinner. We are located at Nicanor Aguilar y Solano, just north and east of Mt. Sinai Hospital. Join us in worship with scripture readings, prayer, music, singing of hymns, choir, and spoken word. Pastor David Small will be speaking again this week, and his sermon topic is “Self Denial.”  Bilingual Sunday school for children and youth is held during the service.

Noel Magee: desmall62@gmail.com

Trip from Cuenca to Vilcabamba

Hello everyone, Here is Emilio again. Just letting you know that I will be driving to Vilcabamba this Saturday, the 28th, leaving early in the morning. I have room for 4 people. Also, to invite you for the outing day for 4 $2.50 per person, per hour. References available upon request. Friend me on Facebook.

Emilio Morocho: bryamcito.2000@hotmail.es 098 699 5694.

Ride share to Montanita

Anyone interested in sharing a ride to Montanita? I have hired a driver leaving from Cuenca, March 9, at 8 AM. Returning from Montanita to Cuenca on March 13 at 9:30 AM. $145 for 2 persons one way. $10 for each additional person one way for up to 3 more. Ride cost to be split evenly.

Rebecca Lockwood: adventuregirlecuador@icloud.com

Puppies looking for a good home

Hello, 2 super-cute puppies, homeless, in need of a good family. They are both females, very smart - street smart, and obedient, probably 3 months old. We have been walking over to their natural shelter and feeding them for a few weeks now, and they seem quite healthy. Very playful.

We just rescued a kitten, and we have other pets. We can't take them in, but will continue to feed them and watch over them until we find a good home for them. If you are considering getting a companion, please email us and we will send you their photos. They are both very sweet.

Thank you,

Rocket: holaecuador@rocketmail.com

Items for sale

Hello, Due to our move back to Belgium next week, I'm selling some items:

- hairstraightener Infinity Pro Con Air: bought in November 2014, original price, $48.40, selling price, $35.
- Nokia 106-Claro: bought in November, 2014 Original price $61,59, Selling price, $25.
Both items are as good as new.
- duvet for sale (2 persons), used for guestroom: $20
- wool blanket (2 persons), used for guestroom: $10.
All prices are negotiable.

Please contact me for more info on my cell phone or by e-mail. Thanks,

Evelien De Coene: eveliendecoene124@hotmail.com/ phone: 098 031 7371.

La Huerta

Don´t miss La Huerta products: www.facebook.com/pages/La-Huerta/1537364846491249
100% natural... colorants and preservants Free. There are: sweet jellies and jams, preserves with extra virgin olive oil, sauces and patisseries (with a different touch) try and you´ll see.

Tatiana Blandin: lahuertaconservas@hotmail.com    096 903 2524.

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Cuban cigars

I have two types of cohibas right now: the "robusto" and the "larga." One is longer and the other is fatter. I also have the Romeo y Julieta Romeo number 2. The cohiba was designed specifically for Fidel Castro and until the late 80's was only available to the higher ups in the Cuban government. Che Guevara said the cohiba was the finest cigar he ever smoked. The Romeo y Julietas are delicious too, they are a lighter smoke and good for a late afternoon treat. The cohibas are $12 apiece. The Romeo y Julietas are $10. Discounts are available, if you want a box of 25.

Cuban cigars are a wonderful gift to bring back to the States or just a souvenir for yourself. I can meet you anywhere in el Centro, preferably Parque Calderon, Parque de la Madre or San Sebastián plaza. Thanks and have a good one,

Walton: 099 863 7016.

Moving sale - large variety of items for sale

We are moving, and liquidating almost everything we own. Looking to clear out everything ASAP.

Here is a list of items for sale, with a link to photos at the bottom:

Queen Bed mattress - $150

2 new full/queen bed duvet covers with pillow covers - $25 each
2 Large Throw Blankets - $6 each
6 tie-on chair cushions $8

Grey memory foam sofa - $250
2 sitting chairs - $30 each or $50 for both

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Recommendation for Loly, female driver, private car and mini-van hire

Loly, is a really great choice and a refreshing change for women expats if you are looking for an Ecuadorian female driver to travel long distance. She took me and my three dogs and two cats to our new home on the coast on a 5-hour drive from Cuenca that only cost us $150. She was very patient and attentive. Highly recommended. Address: Benigno Malo, Cuenca. Contact: 099 828 7141.

Recommended by Carlita: lastvoicesofgaia@gmail.com


Recommendation for Alibaba Kabab, restaurant

What a great find. From hamburgers Iranian style to excellent Kebabs. The owner speaks good English, but no Spanish. He is very friendly and will adapt menu. For my wife he fixed a mixed plate of beef and chicken Kebabs. I had the hamburger. The meat was moist and tender. The seasoning was a nice change from the usual Cuenca mayonnaise. It is easy to find as it is right behind the Subway on Crespo.

Address: Agustin Cueva y Remigio Crespo

Contact: Phone 07-288 4068

Recommended by Nor: norkajones@gmail.com


Recommendation for Rosa Perez, housekeeper

I would like to recommend our lovely Rosa, who kept our house organized and clean while we lived in Cuenca. She does not speak English but we managed fine using translator apps and learned a little Spanish in the process. We have now left Cuenca, and Rosa has some free time. Very affordable, highly recommend. Her daughter's email is: elyperez07@hotmail.com

Recommended by Olga: Freemail81@hush.com


Newcomer's lunch for March, reserve by Thursday, March 6th

A new group for welcoming newcomers to Cuenca has been formed and a monthly lunch event for March within the new group. The group and event are public so anyone can join. If you are new in Cuenca, or a veteran interested in meeting newcomers, please pop over and join.
Link to the group: www.facebook.com/groups/1608958852658788/
Link to the Welcome Lunch event: www.facebook.com/events/1053674504649949,

March 12th 12:30, 6.00, Bayou Caffee

Dale Morris: bienvenidoacuenca@gmail.com

Ecuador's best kept secret, Macas

Come experience the jewel of the Oriente. View the magnificent Sangay Volcano and the breathtaking view of the Upano River Valley from the Virgen of Macas shrine above the town. Hear the roar of the La Yantsa Waterfall and the sounds of the Rainforest at night. Smell clean oxygen rich air from the Amazon and the scent of the earth after a rain shower. Ama la vida en Macas. For info,

Ken Johnson: ken.joh1512@gmail.com   093 989 6760 Ecuador cell, or US # 904 435 7994.

For sale: 5 flat lots in Chican, starting from $14,925

These 5 lots, located in the Ciudadela Vacacional Las Acacias in Chican, can be sold separately or all together as one lot. The climate in Chican resembles that of Uzhupud and is located just 5 minutes away from the Hosteria Uzhupud where you can find: great dining, a pool, a sauna, a hot tub, horseback riding and much more. Chican is approximately 35 minutes away from Cuenca. The lots have access to municipal water, electric and spring water. All 5 lots are accessible by car and have a backup 1,000 liter water tank available (already placed in each lot). Also, 3 meter septic tanks have been installed on all 5 lots.

Lot # 16 – 1,200 m2 (12,917 sq. ft.) for $30,000
Lot # 17 – 625 m2 (6,727 sq. ft.) for $15,625
Lot # 18 – 597 m2 (6,426 sq. ft.) for $14,925
Lot # 19 – 677 m2 (7,287 sq. ft.) for $16,925
Lot # 20 – 1,309 m2 (14,090 sq. ft.) for $32,725

Purchase all 5 lots totaling 4,408 m2 (1.3 acres) for $100,000. All prices are negotiable. Call Jimmy on 098 693 6483, from the US at 646 434 6028 or send an email to jimmy@ecuadorforsale.com

From $14,925, negotiable. Pets are allowed.

Address: Chican, Paute

I am a real estate agent, Jimmy: jimmy@ecuadorforsale.com

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Brand-new apartment with Wifi

Furnished apartment: refrigerator, stove/oven, washer/dryer, very large balcony. 3 bedrooms all with beds and night stands. 2 full baths, living room and dining room. All new, with WiFi. Elevator. No pets. Great location. Lots of light. Large windows. Mattresses are included. Furnished, $680 not negotiable. Pets are not allowed. Address: Unidad Nacional y 12 de Abril

I am a property manager, Brandon Luis: bramp15@yahoo.com   099 352 4550.

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Rent Unfurnished big house with a very big green yard with trees Machángara area

If you like green areas, trees, lots of space, and to hear just the sound of nature, this is a perfect house for you. It has fruit trees around 1800 square meters of grass, and 220 square meters of construction. It has 4 rooms, 1 studio room, 2 ½ bathrooms, a living room, a dining room, full kitchen. The house is very safe, quiet and gated. It´s located in Machángara Area close to Cdla Kennedy; near the house you will find, pharmacies, banks, groceries; and, just few blocks away, there are 3 different bus lines that takes you to the center of the City. Distance from the historical center by bus, “15 minutes” depends on the traffic. The house includes: land line, kitchen, a table center, Calefón, and Floating Floor. Cost: $600 not negotiable. Pets are allowed. Great space for Pets. Unfurnished,

Address: Machángara

I am a real estate agent, Janne: jannedelvecchio@gmail.com

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Large, unfurnished, 3 bedroom, 1 bath house

This is a large 3 bedroom 1 bath, unfurnished apartment near the conservatory of music. This apartment is not elegant but very spacious, including a large eat-in kitchen, living room, huge storage area, large covered laundry area, plus a large veranda on top of the house with 360 views of Cuenca. $250, not negotiable. Small pet is OK.

I am the owner, J del Carmelo: ageliafoundation@gmail.com   283 5080 or 099 991 9544.

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Beautiful property in the countryside

Beautiful property in the countryside, just 15 minutes’ drive from Cuenca. Spring weather all year round, privileged view, is located 600 meters from the Cuenca-Azogues highway. Buses spend all day with destination: Cuenca or Azogues, has electricity and drinking water. has 1500 sq. mts. Beautiful and safe neighborhood. It has a concrete slab approx. 160 mts. square to build another house, flowers and plants, ideal for your pets. The price is $59,000, negotiable.

Address: Javier Loyola 600 mts from highway, Cuenca - Azogues

I am the owner, Blanqui or Servio: serviocor@hotmail.com

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