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Happy Thanksgiving day from the team of GringoPost
Ads will resume tomorrow morning

Expat wanna be

Hi everyone in Ecuador Expat Land. Are any of you folks out there English teachers? Music teachers? Yoga teachers? Is there an adequate demand for such people in Ecuador?

I (American) am an Oxford Certified English teacher, a life-long musician fluent on many instruments including a couple of South American stringed instruments; an experienced music teacher, and my Spanish, although a bit rusty, is not so bad at all.

My wife (German) is an experienced Yoga (Hatha) Instructor and educated in Ayurveda and nutritional health.

Resident visa Ministerio in Azogues phone number?

Does anyone know the phone number to contact the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores in Azogues, the place where we get our Ecuador Resident Visas?

I have searched their website without luck to find their phone number.

Soraya: 099 702 1044. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Thank you for your show of support

Thanks to everyone who voted for Tony in this year’s ‘Best Of’ contest in the Computer Repair category. We’re proud to have earned your trust and loyalty three years running. We promise to work even harder over the next year, offering new services and innovations to exceed your expectations so that everyone can ‘Live Life Connected’. Congrats to all of the winners, and a special thank you to GringoPost for all you do. Tony and Katie Bishop.

Katie Bishop: 098 026 5238. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Social Security proof of life form

I emailed the FBU in Quito in reference of the current method of how to submit the Social Security proof of life form 7162. It's due for me this year, having an SS# classifying in this year. The form must be submitted every other year. Previously the SS folks accepted email attached PDF scans of one's passport and 7162 in lieu of hard copies mailed to the FBU in the Quito Embassy via Correros Ecuador, courier or brought in person.

But now they require, to help prevent fraud, a real paper print out of the form to be sent, pen signed after it is printed out, likewise pen dated and pen filled out with a printed out color scan of the opened (laid open and flat in the scanner) of the 2 face pages of the citizen's passport, rather than just emailing attached scanned images.

If you post, "no calls before 9…"

If you post stuff for sale and specify no calls before a certain time, then don't sell your stuff before that time. I am sick of waiting until "9" to call just to be told it has already been sold an hour ago.
It is just rude.


City: Cuenca

A heart attack in the making?

Yesterday in the large, tall building across from Parque Madre, there was a small, elderly gringo lady standing waiting at one side of the 8' wide front entrance. Suddenly a guard appeared out of nowhere and lunged toward her with an AK47-type gun in her face and a scowl on his. She instantly showed stark terror as he shouted something in Spanish she probably didn't understand. Then a couple of armored drivers came out of the bank on first floor there carrying two plastic bags of coins (not the $1 monetas). I would have thought they were carrying millions of dollars from the over zealous guard's treatment of this innocent senior citizen. And I would have been as terrified as she had the guard come running at me with a large drawn gun.

More seriously, she or anyone else could have suffered a MI (drop-dead-heart attack). As it was, she was visibly very shaken as her escort helped her down the exit ramp outdoors. We have heard that Ecuadorians honor and treat the older generation with respect but this was no example of that. Is this typical of such guards in this city?


Casa Maria Armor/Mujeres con Exito fundraiser

We are excited to announce our Second Annual Fundraiser on March 21, 2017, beginning at noon. Our chef is preparing a special luncheon. We are having a wonderful raffle and we have invited special guests. The requested donation is $20.

This is our opportunity to share with the Expat Community what your support has made possible for Casa Maria Armor/Mujeres con Exito and, we have accomplished quite a bit in 2016.

We will showcase the facility and training this organization offers victims of domestic violence.

We hope you will mark your calendars to join us on March 21st.

If you wish to be included on our mailing list please send information to me by email.

March 21, 2017, from noon 'til 3 PM, $20, Baltazara de Calderon 2-26 y Miguel Velez, Cuenca.

Susan McBride: 097 973 1905. Call after: 11 AM.

Carnival events

The Cuenca tourist board has produced a PDF program for next week's Carnival events. You can download it at:

John Keeble

Healthy Club at Casa de la Diabetes

Casa de la Diabetes is an excellent resource for diabetic teaching, nutritional advice and discount medical supplies. They offer monthly education and support groups with guest speakers on a variety of topics relevant to diabetics. English translation available.

February 23rd at 3 PM and ongoing the 4th Thursday of every month at 3 PM free, Padre Julio Matovelle 8-49 and Lorenzo Piedra, Cuenca.

Kristin Anderson RNC: 097 927 5525. Call after: 9 AM.


Looking for sit-on-top kayak

Does anyone know where I can obtain a hard shell sit-on-top whitewater kayak and related gear?


City: Cuenca

Anyone going to States in early March

Anyone going to States in early March willing to take a small package ( less than 1/2 lb.) to mail for me? For a 1st graders’ project. Simple things like a small Ecuadorean flag, local handmade craft, etc.


City: Cuenca

Searching for a used couch and a projector

Hi, my name is Ana Cristina from Cuenca. I'm looking for a used couch or sofa/bed for my bedroom and a projector or Infocus too. If someone has anything of that, please feel free to leave a comment below or send me at my email. Thanks a lot.

Ana Cristina:

City: Cuenca

Looking for female English speaking restaurant, and bar servers to hire

We are a well-established restaurant and bar, here in Cuenca, and are seeking female servers with experience, to cocktail and serve at our venue.

Must be at least 21 and have some prior experience, knowledge of the restaurant and bar industry.

Email me your resume and personal contact info as well as your availability to start, and work hours.

Looking for a shop that will install ink cartridges on my printer

Hello Cuenca friends,

If anyone can help me locate a shop that will install the plastic ink cartridges on the outside of my Epsom printer, I would be most grateful. I know these conversion services are available in Cuenca, but I do not know where. I am completely out of my factory cartridges, and they are too expensive.
Thanks so much!

Kindly reply to Mary at, not on this forum. Address and phone would be most helpful.

City: Cuenca

80% chocolate by the kg?

Where can I purchase 80% chocolate in kilogram size? I bought a giant-sized bar at a food fare at Todos Santos, here in Cuenca, but lost the information about the vendor.

Chuck Watson

City: Cuenca

Looking for 3 bedroom apartment for rent

Looking for 3 bedroom furnished apartment for rent in Cuenca, $500-$900, Must allow pets.

Looking for a house or apartment to rent for six months to a year, with a terrace, or yard. At least 3 bedrooms, and 2 baths. Fully furnished, wi-fi, cable TV, and all utilities included. Move in ready, within five miles of el Centro. Please email me if you have something that fits the above-mentioned requirements.

Rebecca Sangine:

Looking for an Ésika makeup representative

Would like to purchase some makeup items from the Ésika catalog. If someone knows a representative please send me their contact information. English speaking would be great.


City: Cuenca

20 Passenger Van - cannot find previous post

About a week ago, someone posted about a van for up to 20 passengers that could be rented for tours or outings. Since then, I cannot find it again, and the search feature is not bringing it up, so I must be using the wrong key words. Can anyone help with the contact info?

Thanks very much,

Mary Ann:

City: Cuenca

Embroidered throw pillows, table runners

I'm looking to buy embroidered throw pillows and/or table runners. Can someone direct me to a local shop or supplier?


Bob, email:

City: Cuenca

Looking for internist

Someone gave me the name of a US trained internist working at Hospital Santa Inez but I lost the name. It's possible his first name was Jaime. Does anyone know the name of the internist I'm referring to?


City: Cuenca

Thank you

A big thank you from Body Works. The free weekly stretching campaign that was offered was a great success, there was a lot of interest about frozen shoulder, groin injuries, sciatica and chronic headaches just to name a few, all have had positive results in being fixed. It’s great to be able to help so many people. Since there is so much interest in AIS and for those of you still on the fence, not sure about it, I am going to offer my services for first time clients at $20 session, good for the first week in March. How would you feel to regain the range of motion that you had 10 years ago in just one session, and have it last? Range of motion is the degree of movement a joint has when it is extended, flexed, and rotated through all of its possible movements. A joint becomes stressed or overextended if it is moved past its natural range.

Trip from Guayaquil airport to Cuenca, Tuesday 28

Good afternoon, On Tuesday, February 28, I will be traveling from the airport of Guayaquil towards Cuenca. I have room for 4 people. We can also help you with the transport of pet on the same route or parcels if you require it. Car new story, comfortable, air conditioning but above all respecting the sensitivity of each passenger during the trip. If someone is interested in booking a place, please communicate, preferably to my cell phone number or my private car number. Regards.

February, 28 from 3 PM to 4:30 PM, Guayaquil airport

Christian: 099 291 7736 / 095 864 8768

Tienda Nectar will be open during Carnival + Franco Organico

Thanks everybody for the Best of Cuenca votes. We appreciate you too. We will be open normal days and hours next week. Come on down to el Centro Monday or Tuesday as it's usually pretty quiet traffic-wise during Carnival. We are proud to announce that we will regularly stock Franco Organico's fine line of products. We constantly strive to find new products for your health and palate pleasure. Recently we added Janet's Just Delicious Dill pickles (plus her jalepenos and relish) organic ghee / flax oil / avocado oil / sesame oil / pacari cacao butter and chocolate / cranberries / tahini / nut butters / vegan chorizo / and more.

Monday thru Friday, 11 AM to 4 PM, open during lunch hours, Benigno Malo 12-27


Carnaval of Cuenca in Hos