Looking for John and Nancy

John and Nancy (met you at San Blas), please call Monica regarding the Calle General Torres apartment you wanted to rent. Monica does not have your phone number and the apartment is ready.

Mike: 096 766 7803

Cotacachi connections?

I'm planning a trip and would like to connect with friendly people in the Cotacachi, Otavalo and Ibarra areas. I'm interested in ecological, gentle living in harmony with all around me. Would be willing to offer Earth Wisdom and Women's Mysteries teachings. Gracias,

Brooke : bmeagle@frontier.com

Machu Picchu?

We are looking for input from those who have made the trip to Machu Picchu.  Best mode (and route) of transportation, best place to stay, recommended length of stay, approximate price range, etc. Thanks,


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Recommendations for a photographer?

Hello everyone - I am looking for a reasonably priced photographer to take pictures of my 3 bedroom apartment. Doesn't have to be fancy, just someone with a good camera who knows how to take great indoor/ outdoor pictures. Thanks.


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Visa Angels / residency visa

Can someone tell me exactly what Visa Angels helped them with in Cuenca. I have all of the required documents and certifications from the States. Gracias,


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Looking for a recommendation for driver in Quito, to visit Otavalo, etc.

While preparing to return to the US a friend and I will have Saturday, March 7th, to spend going from Quito to Otavalo and Cotacachi, and then to the airport with the luggage. Any recommendations for a driver with a comfortable car would be greatly appreciated.

Julia Rux: julia.rux@gpc.edu

Orthopedist in Cuenca

Can anyone recommend a good orthopedist in Cuenca?

Anthony: 099 818 4682.

Appliance repair shop?

I need recommendations for a small appliance repair shop. My Breville oven and Instantematic toaster are both out at the same time. Thanks,

Christine Kadin

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Appliances and furniture needed

Need information on where to purchase oven, microwave, fridge, for new unfurnished apartment.

Also, where to find household furnishings for an unfurnished apartment? I will need everything: mattresses, sofa, all furniture.

Would love some advice on where to start shopping. Thanks,


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Transport of valuables

How does one transport valuables one does not wish to liquidate before relocating?


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Women's group

Hola, I am very interested in joining a Women's Group here in Cuenca. I have sent inquiries to two different groups that were recommended but I have never received a reply? Can anyone recommend an active group. Thanks,

Bettina Robertson

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Art supply store?

Are there art supply stores here in Cuenca, and if so, where are they? Thanks so much,

Debra Lynn: dslynn17@gmail.com

School year in Cuenca

I'm hoping to come to Cuenca with my 17 year old son this August and want to enroll him in school (preferably a public school?) for the rest of the year. Is this the time of a semester in Ecuador? Does anyone have a recommendation for a school? Or for a Catholic school? Thanks,

Dave Black (Colorado, USA): dglj11@msn.com

House sitter available

Greetings all, I'm posting to let you know I'm available as a house sitter in Cuenca, Quito, or anywhere in Ecuador, during the coming months. I'm a 65 year-old woman, and a licensed psychologist in California (inactive status). For the past 2 years I've lived in the Dominican Republic. I've traveled extensively in Peru, where I lived as a child. I'm able to understand and speak Spanish fairly well. I'd take great care of your house, pets and plants while you are away, and have references in Cotacachi, Canoa and California. Please contact me if interested. Thank you for reading this post,

Lee Haworth: leehaworth@me.com

Seeking weekly rentals

2 Canadian women, looking for a modest 2 bedroom place to rent for a week or two. We are clean, quiet, and respectful. We would be interested in hearing from people in Cuenca, but also other places in Ecuador as well. I look forward to hearing from you.

Jennifer: jplisson79@yahoo.com

Baby items

Does anyone have a high chair and crib (or pack-n-play) that we could borrow for 3 months starting in February?

Andrew: adesorbo@gmail.com

Chiropractor in Cuenca

Dr. David Hojna will be in Cuenca this week to see patients. If you would like to make an appointment,

Email greg@medionenterprises.com   099 318 6003 (Claro) or 098 798 2146 (Movistar)

Nutritional assistance and massage

We offer the best relaxation massage, lymphatic drainage, physical therapy, athletic training, reduction measures and cellulitis using cavitation and lesions anywhere on the body and nutritional assistance before and after bariatric surgery. We are open Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 8 PM and Saturday from 9 AM to 1 PM. We are located at Simon Bolivar 13-103 and Estevez de Toral (corner).

Karina Velez: karinavelez66@hotmail.es   098 330 7823 or 404 5395.

iPad User’s Group meeting

iPad Users Group Meeting, Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015 at 11 AM, at 3-66 Los Alamos y Tres De Noviembre

Agenda: Spanish Language Apps. Cost: $5 which includes coffee/tea and pastries. Limited to 11 seats. Please call or email for reservations and/or directions,

Lenny Charnoff: graygeek@gmail.com   099 122 1238.

Non-Dual Approach meeting - Thur. Jan. 29, 5 PM

Who are you, really? Are you your body. mind and personality? Or are you the spacious awareness in which they appear? Questions like these point us to the infinite presence that is the true source of peace, happiness, and love. Satsang means "gathering together to inquire into our true nature." It is an opportunity through inquiry and dialogue to discover that the love, peace, and happiness you have been seeking is already present, here and now. There are many shades of meaning to the word non-duality. As an introduction, we might say that non-duality is the philosophical, spiritual, and scientific understanding of non-separation and fundamental oneness. Our starting point is the statement "we are all one," and this is meant not in some abstract sense, but at the deepest level of existence. Duality, or separation between the observer and the observed, is an illusion that the Eastern mystics have long recognized, and Western science has more recently come to understand through! quantum mechanics. For more about non-duality see: www.scienceandnonduality.com/about/nonduality/

Our bi-weekly meeting will be held this Thursday, January 29, at 5 PM. The focus of these meetings is to establish ourselves in our true home as conscious awareness (self-realization) and allow that to guide our unique individuation (self-actualization). This has been the core of the enlightenment traditions for thousands of years and also with the post-modern awakening as well. We will explore this by meditation, inquiry, and other processes. These meetings are free of charge. To reserve and get location and directions contact,

Johana Sand: johanasand@gmail.com

PlayStation 2 with controllers and games - $180 OBO

1 - PlayStation 2 console
2 - controllers
1 - memory chip
1 - power cable
1 - A/V cable

Games: Final Fantasy XII, Shadow Colossus.

Guide: Final Fantasy XII Game Guide

Ben: 096 828 9683.

Dining room table and buffet

Less than 1 year old, Colineal, cost $2,600, sell for $1,650 due to our moving from Ecuador soon. Consists of the table, 8 chairs and matching buffet (never used). See photos.

Jill Kimmel: 096 989-1754.

See Picture(s)

Studio art easel

This art easel makes art time more enjoyable. It adjusts lowering or raising artwork, will tilt forward or backward. The artwork is always there and ready; no more dragging it out. It is made of solid wood. We are moving and only have 3 left to offer. Sale price of $70 each.

Sam: 099 386 2580 - horsinaround@live.com

Grace quilting rails

The Grace quilting rails are for hand quilting or, works great for, tie tacking. Keeps your quilt even till finished. It adjusts in angle for quilting, will fold down and always ready to start where you stopped. Will accommodate up to king size or 3. It will make quilting time more enjoyable and relaxing. Check out the web site for "Grace Quilting Rails." Asking $200 OBO. Moving back to the States and I do not want to haul it back.

Sam: 099 386 2580 - horsinaround@live.com

Gorgeous arabesque carved sterling silver hoop pierced earrings for sale

Handmade with a faceted, light blue stone set in the center of each. Great gift idea for a blonde with blue eyes. $35.

Miriam: miriamdrakefineart@gmail.com

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Samsung, UN24H4500, 24-Inch 720p 60Hz Smart LED TV

Refresh rate: 60Hz (Native); 120 Clear Motion Rate (Effective)
Backlight: LED (Edge-Lit)
Smart functionality: Yes
Dimensions (W x H x D): TV without stand: 22.1" x 13.7" x 1.9"; TV with stand: 22.1" x 15.1" x 6.4"
Inputs: 2 HDMI, 2 USB
Accessories included: standard remote control


Sucy: 098 397 9852.

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Emeralds, gold, rose quartz, lapis (plus more) jewelry, purses and dresses

Lady's fashion sale. Everything from the US:

Emerald dangle-drop earrings, $100
Emerald ring (solid gold), $200 size 7
Garnet and citrine pendant with golden necklace and ring, $180
2 rose quartz pendants in sterling silver, $35-45
Sterling silver chain, $30
Lapis stud earrings, $20
Sterling silver necklaces with jade, pearl, chalcedony, and amethyst, $15-45.
Also 2 solid gold bracelets (both like new) szs. 7-8, 1 is $120 the other, $220.

Plus more; and plenty of unique costume jewelry, $8-15

Also, 2 small purses both small travel size. 1 is purple (with extendable strap), $20. The other is a vintage navy blue leather Perry Ellis bag with a brown strap, $30. Both are like new.

Medium petite dresses from the US. One is a beautiful pink, the other is blue, also one that is black and white with yellow (can be worn as a cover up), another which is red, and a large maxi-dress which is grey and white tye die. All dresses are $35-$40. All are like new (paid $60+).
Also a few books and household items (laundry basket)

You may view any items via email.or in person this Tuesday through Thursday. If you want to see items in person, then email me a time and we can meet at the Racar Plaza (there is a Coral there) we will travel to my house from there. Thank you,

Vellini: vellinicapri@gmail.com

Cool and useful stuff for sale

Standard US telephone. Uniden base unit with two wireless handsets. $5.

DIY lighting project: 11 standard 48” florescent light bulbs and 3 industrial ballast units. $10 (will throw in tape-on end fixtures and wiring for free if you want them).

D-Link wireless router. Model DIR-625. $10

LG wireless media dit. Model AN-WL100W. This is a nifty little device. You put a tiny receiver on the back of your TV. Then, up to 50 feet away, you put the media center with all your video inputs plugged into it (Direct TV, DVD, cable, anything). The device controls your TV and all your input devices. No wires except the power cord going to your TV. Must have a compatible LG television. Check online to see if yours will work with this. List price $399, will sell for $50.

Microsoft wireless desktop mouse. Model 1053. Black. $5

John: jgiese3@yahoo.com

Refrigerator, food processor and two digital cameras for sale

I have two older digital cameras that are no longer being used due to my smartphone and new camera taking over duties. One is a Canon Powershot SD400. The second is a Casio Exilim EX-233. Both include camera, charger and battery (Canon includes two batteries). Neither includes an SD card. $50 each OBO.

Next up for sale, a Goldstar (LG?) GR-312FDS. I bought this in December of 2014. It has worked without issue. It is now looking for a new home as a friend leaving for the US sold me their old, larger LG. $275 OBO.

Finally, we have a Hamilton Beach food processor that you may have seen for sale around Cuenca. We bought this new six months ago. Works well but has rarely been used. If I'm not mistaken cost was around $75 including tax. $50 OBO.

Mike: 1mrh52@gmail.com or 096 807 6756.

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Moving boxes?

I am trying to locate boxes for a move to a new house in Cuenca from our existing apartment here. Does anyone know of a store/shop which sells moving boxes? Does anyone have boxes from a recent move they are willing to sell? Many thanks,

Christina: cmr8254@gmail.com

Courier from US

Hi, I am coming in to Cuenca, February 5th, from San Diego. Does anyone need anything from the United States that I can bring? I am traveling with 2 extra bags and want to pay for them by bringing in electronic items. Will buy what you need at Best Buy with individual receipts per item over $100.

Beth bmwnewto@yahoo.com

Looking for someone traveling from the US in Feb and/or March

Hi, I am seeking a person traveling to Cuenca in late February, or March, to bring some lightweight supplements. I would ship them to your US address on Feb. 1 or after. I am happy to pay you for the service. Thank you,

Mary: spiritlifting@gmail.com

Taking mail to USA

I need a kind person to carry a few business envelopes, with postage affixed, to drop into the US Postal Service.

Larry Kely: Lrr.Kely@gmail.com, 07 282 0833

Taxi Cuenca - Guayaquil on Jan 30, 4:30 AM

I am going from Cuenca to Guayaquil airport on Jan 30 (Friday), at 4:30 AM  If anybody wants to share the ride, please contact ,

Jaga: 098 551 8020.

Horse groom

Looking for a full-time horse groom to care for 5 horses. Must be a professional horseman/woman with extensive riding and grooming experience. Must have references. Own means of transportation a plus but local public bus service to center available. Groom’s quarters provided on-premises. 2 bedroom living and kitchen. Ideal for small family.

Lily Goodale: lilygoodale@yahoo.com

Organic vinegar / apple cider vinegar

Hi, I have made my own and also used Bragg's. Does anyone know where I can find anything similar here? Thanks,

Bea: bmeagle@frontier.com

We have a few free spaces on the upcoming trips of Arutam Ecotours

Today, you can spontaneously join our Nature-Culture Trip: “Hiking in the Andes and Artesanía in Chordeleg.” We meet at 9 AM at our office.

3-day trip to the flowering of the Guayacan trees in Loja starting on January 28th.

Experience the Cañari community with us on January 27th.

2-days in the Amazon rainforest starting on February 3rd.

January 27th, 28th and February 3rd, Today’s trip $50 per person including transportation, guide and lunch. We are at the corner of Honorato Vasquez & Hermano Miguel. For more information,

Arutam Ecotours: arutamecotours@gmail.com

Recommendation for Nelson Calle, real estate agent

I will like to recommend Nelson Calle as a real estate agent. Nelson helped us. He dealt with me and my family for five days trying to get us an apartment. Nelson went above and beyond for us. I think you will be very happy with his services. His email is nelson.calle@hotmail.com

Recommended by Sucy: sucysegura@hotmail.com


Recommendation for Cuenca Car Share, car rental

I recently rented (shared) a car from Cuenca Car Share, and the whole experience was easy and pleasant. Registration was online, and all I had to do was pick up and drop off the car. Juan and David were a pleasure to deal with, and the total cost was very reasonable. It's great to have such a safe and reasonable option if I want to take a trip or have an adventure by car or SUV.

Contact: cuencacarshare@gmail.com

Recommended by Andrew Staub: amstaub88@gmail.com


Sushi class

Come and learn more about sushi and its history, with Chef Luis Arias of Nintai Sushi, and Jorge Jara from MYO Restaurante, in our theoretical and hand’s on classes, learn about ingredients, and cooking techniques that can make your rolls something really special.

February 3, from 1 PM to 4 PM / February 4, from 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM, $35. MYO Restaurante, Paseo 3 de Noviembre 4-78 y Bajada Todo Santos

Jorge Jara: 407 9287.

Two bedroom, one bath, brand-new modern apartment, $260

Our company has unfurnished two bedroom, one bath units for rent for $260 a month, not negotiable. Small pet is OK. That includes the building fee. They are both located on the 4th floor and there are about 38 steps. No elevator. The gas is central so you do not need to carry up the tanks and it is wired for an electric stove if you prefer. There are nice views of the Yanuncay river and Turi. The river is just outside the new building. You can be in el Centro in minutes from Loja. The amount to move in is two months’ deposit and one month of the commission. We do not over charge the rent to make more on commission or charge a flat fee of $300 - $400 to show you things you do not want or $10 an hour to drive you around. We have Ecuadorian prices. If you are looking for a nice, modern, new, clean two bedroom unit on the river for under $300, this is it. We do have other properties as well and some you do not pay commission on and we do not charge to show them. Address: Primero de Mayo y Loja

We are real estate agents, Savannah and Beth: sbogle1324@gmail.com

See Picture(s)

Aquaponics Urban Farm is doing smoked trout with Salvia restaurant, Tuesday the 27th of Jan.

While we work on getting our own smoker for our amazing organically raised trout here in Cuenca, Salvia has offered to let us use their handmade smoker. Not to mention introducing us to Rick who made their smoker. Put your orders in ASAP as we will be doing our honey/brown sugar glazed trout smoked with pear tree and avocado tree wood this coming Tuesday, the 27th. We can deliver it to your door and also can bring you some of our 5 varieties of fresh organic living lettuce delivered with roots intact. Plus our amazing Thai peanut vinaigrette dressing. I like my trout on a bagel with cream cheese. How do you like yours?

Bodhi Kroll: 095 906 0381.

Cuenca Dance Mob will strike again

February 6 at 5 PM, and February 7, at 8 and 9 PM. On both dates we will perform both our Disco and our new Country/Western/Cajun/Folk dance routines. Where? We can't tell you. It's a secret! Dance Mob practice happens every Tuesday at 4 PM upstairs at Cafè Eucalyptus, Gran Colombia 9-41 y Benigno Malo by admission. Join us and become part of the Mob.

Dance Mob Dave: danceclubcuenca@gmail.com

All the best that Cuenca has to offer - location, comfort, quality loft

Loft suite is in exclusive Casa San Sebastian building at the corner of Simon Bolivar and Toral. Fully furnished and equipped one bedroom with 2 bathrooms - one full bathroom with shower on the loft level off the sleeping area and a half bathroom on the main level. The suite is on the main level in the building - no need for an elevator. Casa San Sebastian is in the heart of the city near to shops, Parque Calderone, the central outdoor flower market, restaurants, and an excellent Italian restaurant is directly across the street. TV with HD Direct TV, wifi, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer, full sized refrigerator, oven and counter top stove are all in the unit. Weekly cleaning is included in the rental fee. This unit is the ideal home base for your long-term stay in Cuenca. The suite is available from June 1, 2015, to December 31, 2015. Monthly rental is $750, not negotiable. Pets are not allowed. Address: Casa San Sebastian at Simon Bolivar and Toral.

I am the owner, Enid: anythinggoesbyenid@gmail.com   099 415 5986.

See Picture(s)

House for rent

House for rent, Urbanisation Shullin Gardens situated in the parish of the Cantón Azogues Loyola Javier, Province of Canar. 15 minutes’ from Cuenca Centro. Very nice warm weather because the house is located in a valley. The house is about 160 square meters of building area, with basic services, which are distributed as follows: ground floor to the side of the house has a garage roof, kitchen, dining room, living room, study and bathroom. Second floor stands very spacious: parents’ bedroom with private bath and balcony, spacious closet. Second bedroom with large closet, third bedroom with large closet and a bathroom to share with the two bedrooms. The remaining land is green areas, approximately 350 square meters, with parking for approximately 5 cars. Unfurnished, $500, negotiable. Small pet is OK.  Address: Parroquia Javier Loyola sector Shullin

I am the owner, Carlos: zapat43@yahoo.com

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Wow! Response is overwhelming so far in this year’s Best of poll!

GringoPost's "Best of" is a reader poll designed to let you share all the wonderful things you like about living here, from your favorite snack joint and pizza place, to the best festivals and historical spots to visit. It looks at the community we love. Dozens of awards will be given in the categories of:
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