Mail forwarding?

Does anyone know whether the national postal service -- Agencia Nacional Postal -- offers mail forwarding services. I am moving within Cuenca and would like to have mail forwarded during the transition between old and new address while change of address notifications are being processed.

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Help needed

Veronica, a native Shuar, is making typical Shuar jewelry for us (Arutam Ecotours). Her 17-year old daughter is in the hospital, because of pancreas, and needs to be operated on. Veronica, as a single mother of 5 children, is in the desperate situation that she needs to get $360 until Monday. If not, the treatment will not be conducted. I would like to ask for help, for example, by buying a piece of her jewelry or by donating a dollar or two. $360 might not seem to be a lot, but for her daughter it is just the beginning of a treatment with a further operation, which involves further costs. So, if you want to take a look at her jewelry, just stop by our office at the corner of Honorato Vasquez and Hermano Miguel. Tomorrow at 5 PM, Veronica will be there as well, in case you would like to get to know her. Thank you for reading this post and we hope to see you.

Arutam Ecotours | Contact

Night bike tour of the Historic Center at the end of November

We are reaching out to all the bicycle enthusiasts and history buffs now living in Cuenca, regarding an exciting project being conducted by a local tourism major in collaboration with the city municipality. At the end of November, in preparation for her thesis, a local tourism student has developed a detailed script and nightly bike route that will cover most of the city's main historic landmarks, accompanied by descriptive stories and vivid anecdotes that she herself has investigated and wants to share with new residents. We are looking to gather a total of 4 - 6 people (maybe more), with their own bikes preferably, to go on this night tour and help the municipality gather important information with the intention of developing more tourism related services that help highlight the city's rich past to new visitors. There will be a police escort to ensure safety, and the route has already been approved by the local authorities. We need your support, so if you are interested, please email us your info and we will get back to you with the finalized dates, times and locations of this unique event. Let us know in the email if you have a bike and leave us your contact info, and we will start developing the list of participants. Thank you for the support,

Richard | Contact

Need a babysitter for your home during the holidays?

Need a babysitter for your home during the holidays (early November)? Not adverse to dog sitting. We are in Cuenca until January 8, 2015, unless we can get our extension finished up. But, meanwhile, if you are going to USA or elsewhere for the holidays, we would love to watch your house for you. We are an older couple with few needs and are willing to pay a modest amount for that time. Thank you,

JC and Leyla | Contact or 099 926 9257.

Thanksgiving 2014 at Joes’

Joes’ Secret Garden takes great pleasure in announcing our menu for Thanksgiving Dinner, November 27, 2014, and it’s all centered around the turkey. If you haven't had Cajun Deep Fried Turkey before, you’re in for a real treat. We inject the turkey with an incredible spice and butter marinade, then deep fry it in 375 degree oil. This seals in the juices and imparts a unique flavor and super moist texture. Once experienced, it almost universally becomes the turkey of choice.

Our accompaniments are the best you'll find anywhere. The yeast rolls are to die for, and, the unlimited desserts will leave you smiling.

We have 2 seatings for Thanksgiving: 2:30 and 6:30. We open an hour-and-a-half early for social hour for each seating.

Reservations are first come - first served. The deep fried turkeys are cooked individually for each of the seatings and you and your friends are invited to arrive an hour and a half early to enjoy an extra special Bloody Mary and watch us fry – in the Garden – your turkey, right before your eyes. It's a big part of the fun.

Let us know your preferred seating time: 2:30 or 6:30.

We look forward to spending a Happy Thanksgiving with you and yours. J&J

For the complete menu and reservations, visit

Cleaning whiz

Expat looking for homes and businesses to clean. I would like to say "thank you" to all of my clients for their understanding while I received treatment for my migraines. I have experience in cleaning residences, offices, hotels and stores. I pay attention to details. Let me show you what clean is all about. I only have a few more openings left. $20 per day. I am honest and trustworthy, dependable and thorough. My son is back in Sacramento, California. He needs his dad's help right now. He is going to school to be a Marine Biologist. He needs my help with school expenses and medical expenses. He needs to see some specialists for his migraines and asthma. Thank you in advance for all your help,

Bill Moen | Contact

Specials at La Brasserie for Fiestas de Cuenca

Hi all, since we love GringoPost, we would like to communicate to you our specials for this long weekend. For every $12 spend until 3rd of November, you receive a free glass of sparkling wine. Also, we have extra large, fresh and delicious king prawns this weekend in 3 preparations. So, additionally to our filet steaks, chicken and pork dishes, you can enjoy the taste of the beach in La Brasserie. You can also come and visit us for our buffet breakfast, which we serve every day from 7 to 10 AM. Especially our Omelette are growing in popularity.

For lunch and dinner we are open every day from 12 to 10 PM.

Thomas Klatte | Contact or call: (07) 2828801.

Eco-Art studio launch night

Dear All, Thanks for showing an interest in our Eco-Art Studio. Here is an opportunity to come and check it out, bring pot luck, wine, a musical instrument, or a musician and, more importantly, have fun making a piece of communal art. Exciting news is that we have Cuenca and Ecuador's famous abstract painter, Gustavo Lopez Moreno, teaching a course in our studio. He will turn you into an abstract painter. Please reserve a place in his course before they fill up. We will have more high-quality art teachers coming soon.

November 6th, 8.30 PM, Free, 5-49 Benigno Malo- Calle Larga

Also, If you are interested in booking an Art Party with us, please feel welcome to bring your own food and wine; if it is a child’s Art Party, same applies, minus the alcohol. With all Art Parties, please give us at least a week’s notice and make sure each member of the group reserves a place and tell us what Art theme you want for the group. It could be an Eco- Art group, Express yourself, making treasure boxes, (for children), doodle art, painting wine glasses, watercolors or abstract.

Carlita | Contact

A good read

"Lost Civilizations of the Andes," by David Pratt. Part 1:    Part 2:   Among other things in this long piece, there is this (and much more) on stone softening: "In an interview in 1983, Jorge A. Lira, a Catholic priest who was an expert in Andean folklore, said that he had rediscovered the ancient method of softening stone. According to a pre-Columbian legend the gods had given the Indians two gifts to enable them to build colossal architectural works such as Sacsayhuaman and Machu Picchu. The gifts were two plants with amazing properties. One of them was the coca plant, whose leaves enabled the workers to sustain the tremendous effort required. The other was a plant which, when mixed with other ingredients, turned hard stone into a malleable paste. Padre Lira said he had spent 14 years studying the legend and finally succeeded in identifying the plant in question, which he called “jotcha.” He carried out several experiments and, although he managed to soften solid rock, he could not re-harden it, and therefore considered his experiments a failure. At present we do not know exactly how all the “Inca-style” structures were built. The use of stone-softening agents for softening the surface of stone blocks or for softening or disaggregating entire blocks prior to pouring or compacting the material into molds cannot be ruled out. The use of advanced tools is also a possibility. The only thing that is beyond doubt is that the primitive manual techniques favored by mainstream researchers cannot explain everything.

Dave | Contact

Seeking furnished apartment

Cuenca is my new home - seeking 2 br, 2 ba, furnished apartment/condo to lease (prefer one year) - with all utilities (including internet and cable), washer mandatory, dryer highly preferred. Walking distance to El Centro (I am a "walker" so that could be as much as a mile). Access to outdoors (patio, balcony, etc.) would be very nice. I'm the type of tenant landlords send thank you letters to. $400 absolute maximum/month.

Kay | Contact

Colada Morada y Guaguas de Pan in the best spot, Valgus hotel and suites

For Cuenca´s festivity, we bring you to enjoy our typical Cuencanos Sweets, in the best location, Valgus hotel and suites (4-31 Solano avenue y Florencia Astudillo). Plus we have a promotion: If you choose one guagua de pan, you can pick either: Empanadas de viento, buñuelos with honey or higos con queso. You are very welcome. We´ll be expecting you.

From October 30th to November 3rd from 7 PM to10 PM. $2.99 includes 2 guaguas de pan and a cup of colada morada, Ave. Solano 4-031 y Florencia Astudillo – Hotel Valgus


Valeria Bustamante | Contact

English Church Services

Join us at Cuenca Christian Church, 6-23 Simon Bolivar, two blocks east of Parque Calderon, for our 9:30 fellowship coffee and 10 AM worship services. Lunch out afterwards. Enjoy our second floor colonial home. This Sunday message is "How to live above the line" Communion on first and third Sundays,

Gary | Contact

English speaking Catholic mass in Cuenca

Where: San Roque Catholic Church on Loja avenue. When: every Sunday at 12:30 PM. Who: everyone who would like to worship in English (confessions offered from noon to 12:30),

Pablo Hampton: 093 592 5155.

Schedule of Activities

I am so frustrated! There was no printed schedule at iTur but they said that I could find the schedule on line. Oh, sure but I can't find it on iTur's website. Perhaps someone more tech-savvy could help me?

Elizabeth | Contact

Great furniture sale - Mobelique

From this Saturday, November 1st, to the 9th, for Cuenca days, Mobelique will be having a furniture fair at Benito Juarez L12 and Jose Marti, two blocks from the Monay Shopping. Starts around 9 AM. All furniture will be marked down 20%. Credit cards are accepted. The link below shows the location on Google Maps.


Microwave, Whirlpool, 1350 watts.

Size in inches: 12 high, 16 deep and 21 wide. $120.

Larry Kelly | Contact

Sony Play Station, 32GB USB flash drive, Canon Printer for sale

- Sony Play Station PS3. It is in great working shape; we very seldom used it. $325.

- Brand-new, never opened 32 GB PNY USB flash drives. $20.

- Canon continuous printer. Does not need cartridges. $100.

I can provide pictures.

I can be reached at Gary Pate | Contact or call 099 529 2886.

Fly fishing flies for sale

Fly fishing flies made to order. I have materials to make several proven fish catching fly patterns. Flies are $2 per fly, or $10 per 6 flies. If you have a fly you would like me to make, contact me and I'll make, it if I have the materials. See photos for some examples. Will be at fly fishing club meeting on Saturday, Nov. 1st.

- AZ Simi seal leach, streamer. Colors: black, olive, silver halo, black magic (black and blue/purple) and blood leech sizes: 8 and 10

- Elk hair caddis, dry fly, colors: brown, olive, black. Sizes: 12, 14, 16

- Stimulator, dry fly, colors: orange, yellow, olive. Sizes: 10 and 12

- Zebra midge, wet fly, colors: red, black, white, halo. Sizes: 14 and 18

- Club sandwich, dry fly, multicolored. Size: 10

- Mayfly nymph, wet fly, any color. Size: 10 and 14

- Caddis nymph, wet fly, any color. Size: 10 and 14

Shane Stuler | Contact

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Refrigerator and full-mattress

Refrigerator, Kelvinator, full-size. 18 cu. Ft. Charcoal gray with white handles. Freezer on top, $180.

Full-mattress, 2-months old, $110.

Mike | Contact

Toshiba 17.3" Laptop L75D-A7283

AMD Quad Core A4-5000M accelerated processor, AMD Radeon HD 8330 Graphics, Windows 8, 17.3" widescreen HD+ TruBrite LED Backlit display, 1600x900, 16:9 aspect ratio, Supports 720p content. DTS Sound, Headphone jack (stereo), Microphone jack (mono), Built-in stereo speakers, 6 GB DDR3 1333MHz memory, Memory Card Reader, 750GB HDD (5400rpm, Serial ATA), DVD-SuperMulti drive (+/-R double layer), HD Webcam and Microphone, 1-USB (2.0) port with Sleep and Charge, 2-USB (3.0) ports, HDMI output port, RGB port.

Used less than 6 months. Awesome computer, but I only need one. Asking, $650.

Jamie Porras | Contact or call 098 427 5285

iPhone 3G for sale

Brand-new iPhone 3G, 16 GB, black and unlocked. Can use with either Movistar or Claro. $295, or best offer.

Richard | Contact

Third annual garage sale, for a cause

Sat., Nov. 1, garage gate opens 10 AM - 3 (weather permitting). Sun.,  Nov. 2, 10 - 3, Mon., Nov. 3, 10 – 1. Clearance. Brick house on Tres de Noviembre across Escalinata (steps) from CIDAP. Household items,  art pieces, US clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, much misc. Donations to FASEC and Women's Shelter - Maria Amor Casa de Acogida.

Elinor Williams | Contact

Recommendation for Kathy Fajardo, expat assistance

Kathy will help with most things: visas, banking, etc. She has been most helpful with IESS insurance, Dr’s. appointments, etc. She will go with you to translate since there are very few English speaking Drs. She lived in the US until she was a teenager and speaks perfect English. She is a delight to work with.

Contact Kathy: Email or 099 378 2584.

Recommended by Homer Warlick | Contact


Cuenca Car Share, 4-day special

We have cars available for November. Take advantage of our 4-day special. Prices start at $114 + $.10 a kilometer. Cuenca Car Share is a great way to explore Ecuador on your time and terms. Book your "key to the open road" today at Or call us at: 098 380 0162 Movi, 098 808 7261 Claro.

Juan Morales | Contact

Cuenca Bagels

Apologies to the Spice Boys, Paul and Art

The problem is you don’t go to bed, she said to me. The answer is easy if you take it logically. I’d like to help you in your plan to gourmandize. There must be fifty ways to make a bagel.

It has not been my habit to be so skewed. Furthermore, I hope my meaning won’t be lost or misconstrued. But I’ll repeat myself at the risk of being crude. There must be fifty ways to make a bagel.

Get out the spice rack, Jack
Time for a new “pan” Stan.
Get out the cheese Louise.
Poppy, sesame, chili, chocolate, onion and garlic
Ain’t no big trick Nick,
just listen to me.

Chart your own bus Gus,
no need to discuss much.
Cinnamon raisin Wes Craven? Cranberry for holidays Mary.

E-mail your request Bess. Next day thy order I’ll express. Give them a test Jess.
Ask for the fee, Lee.
Be no longer carbohydrate free.

Must be fifty ways to make a bagel. Fifty ways to make a bagel.

Richard Westcott | Contact

Spanish "good" food

Spanish food at home, homemade bread, empanada meat or tuna, Spanish omelet and ali oli sauce. Orders 24 hours. ¡If you try it once, sure you repeat! For information and prices:

Ing. Rafael Gallardo: 096 835 3886 or call 410 2367.

Cesares, 1 year anniversary

Césares Internazionale one year anniversary party! Monday, November 3rd, 2014. Primo: Shrimp Tempura with Oyster Sauce. Secondo: Chicken Tortelloni Salad. Entree: Cesares Beef Roast and Grilled Potatoes. Dessert: Strawberries Panna-Cota $16. Reservations,

Cesares Internazionale | Contact  or call: 099 814 9651.

Fabianos Pizzeria

For Fiestas of Cuenca come in and try our special: Pastas: Chicken piccata, Tialpia a la Francese, Pasta Pescador: Pasta dish with Shrimp and Calamar in a Red sauce. Pizzas: Chicken Ranch, Shrimp in Alfredo Sauce pizza, White Chicken Jalapeno pizza, Bacon Cheese Burger pizza, and our soup for fiestas is: New England Clam Chowder,

Fabianos: 282 4517.

Dessert sampler at Villa Nova's La Terrace

Stop by La Terrace (across the river from Parque de la Madre) Sunday, from noon to 4 for a mid-afternoon snack: many bite-sized desserts priced from 50 cents to $1, and sampler-sized Riesling and Malbec, $3 a glass. Treat yourself to the Good Stuff.

November 2nd, Noon to 4, A la carte, Villa Nova's La Terrace

Lisa | Contact

Tutto Matto special

Ask for your free coke with any home delivery order of $10 or more. Special only good until November 7. To place your order call,

Narcy: 288 2494.

Nice, furnished 3 bedroom apartment in Las Pencas with balcony

Nice, 3 bedroom fully-furnished apartment has amazing views of Cuenca. Ready to live. Has a balcony. 2 parking lots. 1 storage. 2 full bathrooms, one with bathtub. All the appliances. About 8 blocks behind Supermaxi de las Americas. New Building. 2nd floor (8 stairs) No elevator. Alicuota is included in the price. $700. Negotiable. Small pet is OK. Address: La Verbena,

I am the owner, Silvia Romero | Contact

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Apartment with Tomebamba river views

Great Tomebamba river views. Just remodeled. Many cabinets. 2 bed. 2 full baths, and 1 guest bath. Nice kitchen. 1 parking lot. 1 storage. Alicuota $60 (maintance common areas). No pets. No elevator but it is in the 2nd floor. Unfurnished, $480. Not negotiable. Pets are not allowed.

Address: Ave. 12 de Abril and Unidad Nacional

I am the owner, Tatiana Pesantez | Contact

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Furnished apartment in Ordonez Lazo has terrace

This wonderful apartment hasn't been lived in before. It is on the 3rd floor of a new building in Ordonez Lazo with wonderful views. It has 2 bedrooms with their furniture, 2 bathrooms, laundry: washer and dryer. Kitchen with all the appliances, living room with its furniture, dining room with its furniture. Curtains. 1 parking lot, 1 storage. The building has 2 elevators. Close to Supermaxi. $700 Negotiable. Alicuota $75. Pets are not allowed. Avenida Ordonez Lazo y Los Cedros.

I am the owner, Ana Pino | Contact

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Fabulous furnished apartment

Furnished apartment located in the prestigious building, "the two block." Third floor with 150 square meters of construction. 3 bedrooms with the master bedroom bathroom included. 1 maid’s room, two bathrooms, dining room, kitchen, laundry area. Bodega. Two garages. Kitchen, refrigerator, washer, dryer, living room. $750. Not negotiable. (including water, electricity, telephone, aliquot) preferably foreign. Pets are not allowed.

Address: Jose Astudillo y Roberto Crespo

I am a friend of the owner, Elisa | Contact

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New, unfurnished 3 bedroom apartment in Cuenca with river views

This new, unfurnished apartment has a fantastic river view. It has 3 bedrooms. 2 baths. 2 parking lots. 1 storage. The building 2 years old and has elevator. 4th floor. Close to Monay Shopping and Hospital del Rio. $440, negotiable. Alicuota $110. No Pets, sorry. Address: Cumanda y Araucana

I am the owner, Maria Buitron | Contact

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