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Happy Thanksgiving day from the team of GringoPost
Ads will resume tomorrow morning

My story: Blood donors - Thank you!

I recently underwent an unexpected and complicated surgery, and I am thrilled to say I celebrated another birthday yesterday. Long story, but I almost didn't make it for two different reasons:

First: I went to Hospital del Rio on a Sunday after having stomach pains all day. By midnight I was in complete agonizing pain, and I literally crawled to my neighbor’s house, and banged at the bottom of their door. I couldn't sit in their car, but had to be on all fours' and the one minute drive across the street to the hospital seemed like an eternity. I was so glad to arrive at the Emergency room, but my nightmare was just beginning. They took 2 vials of blood, stuck an IV in my arm, and then proceeded to pump me up with painkillers. First Paracetamol, then Tramadol, then Morphine 1x, 2x, 3x. It only seemed to make the pain worse, and everyone at the hospital just stared at me while I bellowed and yelled, "Please help me, something is seriously wrong, please don't let me die." Over and over, as I literally writhed in pain all over the floor.

Going to the Jungle with Grandkids

I am going to the jungle with my two boys, 8 and 10. Any suggestions on a good place to stay that would be a great jungle experience?

Tom Northcote


I have six opinions/answers but hoping for a good one. I have my cedula (over 2 years) but don't know how long I can be out of country. Please, informed answers with data backup only. Thanks to GringoPost and informed respondents.

Bryan Babcock

City: Cuenca

Young man on old motorcycle that carries weed-eater near Miscata area

This is a young man who looks to be in his early 20s and rides an old motorcycle and usually has a weed-eater attached. He has come by my house three or four times and cut a small patch of grass that I have. Yesterday morning he came by to cut the grass and had a small boy with him about the age of five. When he was done I think he saw the money when I opened my wallet to pay him. He then went back outside and came running back in with my outside broom and kept pointing upstairs I finally got the gist of what he was saying; something about a mouse and kept telling me to come with him to the third-floor. So like a dummy I went to see what he was talking about and the little boy stayed downstairs right inside the doors. I never could figure out what he was talking about on the third floor so we came back downstairs. They then left and a little bit later I went to find my cell phone to make a call and could not find it anywhere. It had been sitting out on the table in my living area and I had also laid my wallet down there when he grabbed me to run upstairs to see something; whatever it was he was trying to do. Long story short, my cell phone was stolen and so was a little over $600 out of my wallet. I think he had the little boy to steal the phone and money while he got me to go upstairs

The Symphony Orchestra of Cuenca with three brilliant Ecuadorian soloists this week

The Symphony Orchestra of Cuenca in compliance with the Concert Agenda approved for the year 2017, under the baton of maestro Michael Meissner, Principal Conductor and with the participation of Patricio Mora Yanza (Violin), Luis Paccha Ramírez (Viola) and Adriana Fernández Vizcaíno  Cello), three brilliant Ecuadorian soloists, presents its second concert of the first season of 2017, on Friday,  January 20 at the Pumapungo Theater at 8 PM with free admission.

The repertoire includes the Concert Symphony for Violin, Viola and Orchestra In B Major, K.364 / 320 D by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. When Mozart composed this work, he was particularly concerned to differentiate the two main instruments, the violin and the viola. Knowing that the violin always stands out from the other string instruments, he looked for a form in which the violin could accomplished this. He specified that it would play scordatura. This means that the viola must be tuned a half pitch higher than normal, creating greater intensity and brightness. In this way, it would not be overshadowed by the violin. Also, Mozart in this work significantly reduced the virtuoso aspects of the violin in comparison with the other concertos for violin. To further strengthen the equality of the instruments, he divide the violas of the orchestra in two so that we find together not only first and second violins but also with first and second violas.

Looking for "study visa" agency, Cuenca/Quito

I want to know the address of agencies in Cuenca/Quito doing study visas abroad.

Please give the address, email id of agencies.


City: Cuenca

Seeking talented soloists and bands

The Louisiana Pub at the Broken Bridge is seeking soloists and bands available to play each month. With a premier location under the Puente Roto, we set the atmosphere to invite blues, rock, swing, jazz, and classical to the stage with the beautiful Tomebamba as your background. As the only bar on the river dedicated to bringing live music to its shores every night, we encourage all interested artists to email with your information, availability, and samples of your talents.

The Louisiana Pub at Puente Roto

Nickolaus Patterson: .

City: Cuenca

11 per side football (soccer) team

Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone knows about any 11 vs 11 football (soccer) teams in Cuenca. I'm really keen to get myself back into playing competitively.

I am a 25 year old male from Britain. If anyone knows of any teams, I would really appreciate your response.

Thanks in advance,

Daniel Kearley:

City: Cuenca

Looking for Spanish native speaker for English/Spanish language exchange

I'm an experienced English and Japanese language teacher. I would even exchange Japanese for Spanish if anyone were interested. I would like an exchange partner who has experience teaching Spanish as a second language, with whom I could meet twice a week. I live near Colegio Bilingüe/Avenida Solano, so someone living south of el Centro (Sucre, El Vergel, Yanuncay) would be ideal. Daytime or evening would work for me.

Kirk: 281 2675. Call after: 10 AM.

City: Cuenca

Hi speed WIFI

Was told we need 5 mbps of WiFi speed. We live just west of the stadium and currently use Austronet. They want over $50 month to bring our system up to that speed (currently at 2mbps). Want to make sure I am getting a fair market deal and good service. Anyone know of another service in this area that you are happy with?


Jerald K:

City: Cuenca

Free composting worms for your garden, need a good home

If you love to garden, come get some composting worms that will turn your kitchen scraps into an amazing, natural fertilizer for your garden. All you need to start your own worm farm is a large tupperware from SuperMaxi or Coral, shred some newspaper, wet the newspapar and squeeze out the extra water, and add worms. Feed your li’l buddies kitchen scraps, fruits and veggies - no meat or grease. I keep mine under my kitchen sink and they are doing so well, I want to spread the love.

Piano or singing teacher required

I need for an 8-year-old kid. Ordóñez Lazo area.

Jorge: 098 400 9885. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Looking for good audiologist

I have a pair of Bernafon hearing aids that need to be serviced and readjusted. Can anyone recommend a good audiologist, preferably one who speaks English.

Garry Kaulitz: 099 560 3302. Call after: 10 AM.

City: Cuenca

Cooking and plant growing help

I'm trying to expand my abilities here in Cuenca. I'm not much of a cook, but I'm interested in taking some lessons. I don't have any particular style or cuisine in mind. I just don't want too complex recipes, as I'm a novice. All suggestions are appreciated.

Also, I have a solarium in my apartment (mostly indirect light). and would like to work on my ability to keep plants alive. I have a real brown thumb. Where can I find help selecting proper plants, and help doing things like repotting, fertilization, etc?

Thanks in advance. People on this site have always been very helpful.


Home repairs in Cuenca, Ecuador

All types of reconstruction and repairs at home, water, electricity, gas, bathrooms, extra bedrooms, floors, furniture, ceilings, walls, paint, leaks, and much more. Jobs guaranteed by professionals.

Fausto A.: 099 597 2821.

At Hummingbird we not only speak Spanish but also love to teach it

It's time to speak Spanish with a real Spanish teacher. More information on Hummingbird website:


We are waiting for you at the Tribal Fusion House

At the Tribal Fusion House the classes are doing very well, but what is Tribal Fusion dance? Tribal Fusion is a modern Western form of belly dance which was created by fusing American Tribal Style belly dance and American Cabaret belly dance. Artists frequently incorporate elements from Popping, Hip Hop, 'Egyptian' or 'Cabaret' belly dance, as well as movement principles from traditional forms such as Flamenco, Kathak, Odissi, and other folkloric and classical dance styles. We work principally with energy and how to channel it through our movements: toning workout, stretching, aislattion and dance.

Organic green cream

Arthritis? dermatitis? acne? joint pain?
Cream of organic origin: analgesic, anti-inflammatory and regenerative action. Ideal for chronic joint and muscle pains, back pain, burns and skin irritations and acne.

Price $10.

Nicolas Ordoñez:  096 900 5999.

Trip from Cuenca to Guayaquil next Saturday, January 21

Hello Everyone, Next Saturday, January 21, I will be traveling from Cuenca to Guayaquil (Hotel Holiday Inn) between 6 and 9 AM. I have space for 4 passengers, hand luggage and two large suitcases or up to four small. In the same way our service is directed for the transport of passengers and pets, if necessary.

In the same way we will be providing the Cuenca-Guayaquil or Guayaquil-Cuenca parcel service.

Club Canino Cuenca, Las Margaritas s/n y los Cedros.

If you want to book a place please contact,

Christian Flores: 099 291 7736

Cash for your parking space

We need a parking space that may be accessed 24/7 as close to Parque Calderon, in El Centro in Cuenca, as possible. We have purchased a new vehicle and need a safe place to park it close to our downtown home. No tiny spots please, we need to park a truck. Bodega or some type of storage along with the parking is a plus. If you have a parking spot and you don't use it, here is your chance to get dependable income on a monthly basis from now until the cows come home. Email is best but phone calls are OK. Do not leave voice messages as we do not always get them.

Ready to rent your parking space right now. El Centro

Brian: 096 949 4770

Caro’s classes in Creative Expression - Spring schedule

Because several of you have asked, I’ve created a Spring schedule of all my classes in writing and art. If you’d like to see everything I’ll be teaching between now and July, email me at I’ll send you the list of class descriptions and dates and fees. (And, as many of you already know, my classes always include lunch) Thanks to all my frequent students for your enthusiastic support.

Ongoing until July 14,

Carolyn V. Hamilton: 099 998 8777

Private taxi service transportation

Hello Everyone, Victor Car offers private transportation between Cuenca and Guayaquil. Please, for more information, call or email us.


Eugenia Loja: Cell: 096 906 1837 (Español) 099 843 1497 (English)

Meet all of your fitness and health goals at SkyFit in Centro

SkyFit "Strong to the Core" is an integrated Fitness and Health Center

Total fitness services;

Fitness testing/assessment
Professional personal training
Sport specific training
Functional training
Small group training
Fitness over 50 classes
Pilates classes
Yoga classes
Tai chi

Mr. Mole Mexican Grill

Hey everyone, have you eaten at Chipotle or Moe´s in the United States? We have the best recipes in our restaurant and the same system they have.

Come and try the best:
* Burritos
* Tacos
* Nachos
* Quesadillas