Plastic surgeon/dermatologist?

I am looking for a plastic surgeon or dermatologist who does voluma juvaderm injections. Can anyone recommend someone? Thanks for sharing,


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Found: March 27 - white terrier puppy

Puppy, found March 27, near Los Alamos and Las Americas. He has had a bath, is cleaned up and is wanting to go home to his own bed. Please call,

Enid: 099 415 5986.


Sweet dog needs home - mature, calm, and very affectionate

We don't know this dog’s name, but I'll call her "Sweetheart" for now, as is so apropos. She followed my kids home from our local tienda a few days ago. Some women told them that the dog had a human family that had just moved away. Sweetheart was left behind with no home, and no one to care for her.

She entered our home of 4 other dogs, and cats, and was greeted with a surprising lack of "yapping". Our dogs accepted her in the mix without any contention, but alas, we're maxed out with 4 dogs and 2 cats, we cannot afford a 7th animal.

I'm going to guess she's between 5 and 7 years old. She has a long body so probably has some dachshund. She's very calm and incredibly sweet. She seems to be in great health but we don't know anything else about her. She'd be a great friend for mature folks that don't want a yappy, hyper animal with a full life ahead. We're sorry that we can't keep her and really hope to find her a good home.

Hayley Jacqueline: / 098 581 3770 or 095 906 0381


Dog for adoption

This cute female puppy is called Lucky, she is up for adoption. She is currently at my home but I am looking for a responsible home that will love, take care of and protect her. I took her to the vet. She had a bath and was given the anti-parasitic medication and the multiple vaccine. I am not allowed to have more than one pet in the house. Please adopt her or I will be forced to let her go back to the street.

Margarita Smith:

Fly Fishers Club meeting

The Cuenca Fly Fishers Club will be having their next meeting on April 4th, Saturday, at 11 AM at the Presidente Hotel on Gran Columbia, 9th floor. Various new topics will be discussed, CPR and First Aid training, Wilderness Survival Class, Private fly fishing waters and more. Non-members and hikers are most welcome.

Lawrence Hamilton:

Microwave and bookshelf required

I am looking for a microwave and a bookshelf for my indigenous Achuar student who is starting his semi-independent life on June 1st. Discounts / donations gratefully acknowledged.

Elizabeth Bekes: 098 939 0277.

Dentist needed

Gee, it really is hard to decide but I need to go and get some dental work done, as I have a failed bridge falling apart, causing a lot of infection in my mouth. I should have had it done three or four months ago. However, I have seen the error in my ways, ahem, and am now on a serious quest for a dentist who does not overcharge, can do implants and crowns, and bridges. I have been quoted $1300 for an implant to take the place of all the bridges falling down. There is a lot of other work to be done, up there in my home country. Such work would have been the cost of a brand new Rav 4.

susieQuenca: 098 375 3134.

Life Coach Consulting Services (LCCS)

I am an English speaking, native Ecuadorian who sees the necessity to make improvements in the lives of foreign residents in the Cuenca area. I am against the typical exploitation our guests find in this area. My intentions are to offer my services with the highest expectation of honesty, fair dealing, transparency and punctuality I am willing to negotiate any service and every price. No job is too small. Give me a call and let´s discuss your need,

Chris Saenz:    093 961 2325 / 098 704 2592.

Car repair

I have a 2002 Chevy Rodeo that needs some work done on it, brakes, tune-up, etc., just a mechanic I can trust. Hoping for someone reliable, reasonably priced and who speaks some English. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you,


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Translator services request

I am looking for a translator, Spanish to English, who could help me with the translation of a birth certificate, two marriage certificates and a death certificate. These documents will need to be notarized and apostilled.

I have written to everyone advertised in GringoPost but no one has replied. I would very much appreciate if someone could recommend a reliable translator,

Victoria: 098 409 6900.

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Private storage space

Private storage space now available in Challuabamba, only 10 minutes east of Cuenca. Great location. Easy access. Modern commercial building. Owner occupied. Very secure. Full security system with 24 hr. monitoring and response. Long or short term. Private or shared unit. Starting at $50 per month. Can recommend movers who are affordable and reliable. For additional information and photos contact,

James Drummondo:

Veterans League meeting

The monthly meeting of the Veterans' League will be held at noon, Monday, April 6, at La Parrillada Restaurant on Remigio Tamariz 2-25 near Frederico Proano. The meeting is open to all military veterans and former merchant marines of all nations. Our guest speaker will be Katherine Flores of Expediciones Apullacta.

Jack Wilkinson:

Vitamin store

I am looking for the vitamin store that was located in front of Sukasa. Anyone know where they went? Thank you,

Cathleen Walker:    096 700 6558.

Looking for 2-3 bedroom apartment for rent

We are a retired couple looking for 2-3 bedroom, unfurnished apartment for rent in Cuenca in the Los Conquistadores area, from $250 - $350. We don't have pets. Outdoor terrace would be great and a tub would be fantastic.

Reggie: 099 862 2956

Special Holy Week menu

Mansión Alcázar invites to enjoy the best Holy Week gastronomy at Casa Alonso Gourmet Restaurant.
April 3rd: Lunch, $25 plus 22% of taxes, Simón Bolívar 12-55 and Tarqui,

Mansión Alcázar:

Chinese porcelain for exhibition and sale

Large-scale porcelain exhibition from China is holding in Cuenca. Offering many kinds of beautiful porcelains for sale: vases, flowerpots, tableware, paintings of porcelain and so on. Up to 50% off, from Mon—Sun , 9 AM—8 PM. Time limited. Please catch the last opportunity to take them home.

Remigio Crespo N. 4-72 e/Alfonso Borrero y Ricardo Munoz Davila.

Tel: 099 221 8128 / 098 774 2639.

Henney: 099 221 8128.


Recommendation for Vicente Villafuerte, moving and storage

Vicente stored a shipment that arrived from the US while I looked for permanent housing. Once I had a permanent address, he and his crew delivered the shipment and worked non-stop in bringing everything to my condo. Nothing was broken and they put the boxes exactly where I told them.

I would highly recommend Vicente and his team to anyone looking for a professional mover with very reasonable prices. Vicente speaks fluent English and is very accommodating to work with.

Contact: Contact: Vincente Villafuerte, 098 537 0929,

Recommended by Rob Hertzenberg: 093 918 4582.


Recommendation for Chris Saenz, consulting, facilitator and assistant

I would like to highly recommend Chris Saenz to anyone who needs assistance or transportation for getting basic needs and services that are often overlooked by other facilitators and challenging when one does not speak Spanish or have a vehicle. Chris is an English speaking native Ecuadorian who sees the necessity to make improvements in the lives of foreign residents in the Cuenca area. He offers his services with the highest degree of honesty, fair dealing, transparency and punctuality.

My wife and I are were trying to get the big, 5 gallon bottles of pure water service delivery to our home for weeks, without any success, until I posted for help in GringoPost. Chris got in touch with us, and on the same day, took us to the plant, got us our water and arranged for home delivery each week.

He is courteous and willing to negotiate any service and a fair price. No job is too small. Give him a call to discuss your needs. I am sure he will be able to help you and you won't be disappointed.

Address: e-mail :   Contact: Cell phone: 093 961 2325 / 098 704 2592

Recommended by George:


Andres and Poleth Cabrera, day trip driver/guide, with new van

Yesterday we went to Ona (the tequila factory) and to Saraguro (jewelry and handicrafts) with a delightful young couple with a new van. It was a great trip - Andres is an excellent driver, Poleth speaks English and Spanish, and they gladly took us wherever we wanted to go. For 8 hours, 5 of us paid only $80 ($16 each). The van can hold more but to be really comfortable I would suggest no more than 6 people.

For more information, Susan Correa:   093 922 1464.


Transpo for 4 people and luggage from Cuenca to GYE, Loja, etc. in a new truck. Let's book

Jon: 59 398 494 9008

Shakticakes Bakery and Cake shop

We offer a variety of bread, cakes and desserts. You can also find: pizzas, classic and vegetarian burgers, sandwiches and crepes. And every Saturday we offer arepas, a kind of typical Venezuelan bread made of corn flour and stuffed with chicken, beef, scrambled eggs, cheese, ham, avocado or any other ingredient. Come to visit us,

Address: Cuenca, Fray Vicente Solano Avenue

Mariana Vallenilla:

Free Canada Gourmet peanut butter samples

If you are interested in having a free Canada Gourmet peanut butter sample, Please ask for one at the counter in Fabiano's Pizzeria, located in Presidente Cordova 4-84 and Mariano Cueva. Mon - Thu: noon - 9 PM, Fri: noon - 10 PM, Sat: 4:30 PM - 10 PM.

Canada Gourmet: 098 733 7691.

HP Printer cartridges 61 XL black (1) and 61 tri-color

Amazon shipped the wrong cartridges to my daughter who brought them to Ecuador for me. I have a 901 printer so the 61 model will not work in my printer. Selling for $15 each.

Product details:

HP 61XL ink cartridges black/color combo pack (1 black, 1 tri color with cyan, magenta, and yellow). Retail: $63.11

Jack P:

Kallari organic chocolate

Kallari organic chocolate available. This is a project that helps indigenous families working to cultivate and produce this chocolate in Ecuador. Assorted flavors available: Coffee, Ginger, Orange, Banana, Pineapple and Vanilla.



Office chair and expresso/cappucino maker

- Oster steam expresso/cappucino maker. Makes 2-4 cups. Used 5 times. $25
- "True seating concepts" pneumatic leather executive chair. 5 casters, tilts and swivels, adjustable seat height. $45



Twin-size air mattress, mini-trampoline and lots of books

Twin air mattress, brand-new, still in box, $20. Mini trampoline (great for rehab work), paid $150, will sell for $85. It is in a carry case. I have hardbound and paperback books for everyone. Some authors are Tom Clancy, Dirk Pitt, Robert Ludlum, Dan Brown and, for the ladies, Catherine Coulter, Linda Howard and Iris Johansen. Lots of Romance, Cold War and Intrigue. Hard bound books $1 and paper books $.25 each.


HP 2000 notebook computer, Windows 8, 1 year old.

Like New. This laptop has sat on desk for one year, never traveled and is in pristine condition. No scratches, etc.

Windows 8.1
AMD E-300 HD Graphics 130 GHz
4.0 RAM memory
273 GB HD
Touch pad, mouse not included.
Connections: HDMI, USB, VGA, Ethernet

$300. Nothing wrong with it; making space on my desk.


Moving to the coast, selling cool weather items

1. 1500 watt milk house heater $30
2. Digital heater fan with 2 settings. 1000/1500 watts $35
3. Oil-filled radiator, 3 heat settings, 1500 watts $40. Or purchase all three heaters for $90. Paid $180 full price. All in original boxes. Really nice for chilly nights in Cuenca.
4. New - never worn, women's, large, Eddie Bauer waterproof/windproof light weight trench style rain coat. Was $100, will sell for $60

Also Women's, size 12, like-new clothing. We live in Challuabamba. Will deliver if interested.

Daniel and Lisa: email:     099 678 9580.


English cocker for sale

Female English cocker, 45 days old, baby with her first vaccination and deworming. Blue roan parents. Price, $350.

Francisca Acosta:



Men's bike, 26 in. White aluminum frame, like new, $260.
Women's bike, 26 in. Blue steel frame, like new, $130.
Both are 21 speed.

Dan: 098 461 0025 or 098 464 3816.

VW Golf Manhattan, 1999 - Mexican - hatchback

1800cc 4 cylinders. Multi-point injection
4-door electric lock
158,000 km / 98,000 miles - still standard, never opened. No smokes, no strange noises.
All interior seats and covers were cleaned
Air conditioning needs repair. Worked good, but now stopped to work. It has heater that is working 100%
Hydraulic steering wheel
14'' wheels

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Vitroceramic electric stove, Teka

I have four brand-new stoves for sale, each for $560

Carlos Enrique Gavilanes: 098 357 5145.


Mabe oven, model HM6035GW/LW

I have a Mabe oven for sale. Note: this is an oven, not a stove. Please do not email me if you are looking for a stove. Cabinet mounted oven, has rotisserie, defrost, preheat, grill and cook options. Gas and electric, electric element on top, gas on bottom. In perfect condition, still has original price tag of $518 from Coral on it. Exterior dimensions: height 23.5 inches, width 23.5 inches, depth 20 inches. Please email, text, or call.

Meleah Wallbank: 099 549 5811


Fly fishing rod and reel

Includes a 4-piece graphite fly rod, a disc drag fly reel, backing, weight forward floating fly line and a tapered leader. 5/6 wt. 4Pc. 9 ft. Scientific Angler Brand, $100.

Michael Roche:


Thai food Tuesdays at the Aquaponics Urban Farm in Cuenca

Thai food Tuesdays at the Aquaponics Urban Farm. We have more help so we will be seating 16 and currently have 5 spaces left this week. We do a lunch meal starting at 1 PM. Contact us by facebook or email to get the menu and reserve your spot at the little farm here, just 10 minutes from downtown Cuenca. We do a little science talk at the end to help you better understand how the marriage between Aquaculture and Hydroponics turn both into clean and green food production machines. Normally, of course, both of these systems are hard on the environment and hard on the consumer. By putting them together they are both earth friendly and consumer friendly. All our spices are imported and you will fondly remember your meal here at the farm, on our lovely patio (indoor and outdoor in case of rain), overlooking our five acres down to the river. For menu and directons,

Bodhi Kroll:   095 906 0381.

New riverfront housing development on Radio Show

On this week’s “Ecuador at Your Service” radio show, Juan Heredia, premier real estate developer and celebrated downtown Cuenca restoration expert, talks about his team’s newest project – Casa del Ciprés – a 22 unit property that is now available for pre-sales. Casa del Ciprés is located on the Tomebamba River, just three blocks from the famed Parque Calderon. Juan’s modern housing developments in El Centro have been featured in the New York Times, the London Financial Times and local style magazines including Rivista Vistazo & Casas. Juan also discusses his viewpoints of real estate investments in downtown Cuenca and how to purchase a pre-construction property. Look for full information on this exciting project on the Ecuador at Your Service website ( and tune into our radio show live on the Overseas Radio Network at 11 AM on Monday or in the archives at

Ecuador at Your Service:

Furnished, 1 bedroom apartment for rent (very safe)

Clean, very safe, 1 bedroom ground floor apartment on a quiet street. Large windows front and back, non-smoking, Wi-Fi, basic utilities included, owner occupied home. Ideal for 1-2 persons. Just across the park from Mercado 12 de Abril and a short walk to Banco Central and Museo, Parque Paraiso or grab a bus. Furnished, $330 negotiable, Pets are not allowed. Address: Garcia Moreno y Eloy Alfarro (circa Mercado 12 de Abril).

I am the owner, Alex (English):    098 417 1971 / 07 280 4837.


Thursday, smoked salmon, lox and smoked trout day in Cuenca

Thursdays are smoked salmon, lox, and smoked trout days. We generally have these products Thursday and Friday, only, so put your order in early. We only prepare what is already ordered. We deliver to your doorstep as well. If you have never tried fish fresh off the smoker. you owe it to yourself to try it. We use only wild caught Chilean salmon and our trout is fresh from our lovely little farm, raised organically - no hormones, no antibiotics. We are smoking at Salvia restaurant with the help of Chef Gavin, a truly world-class chef. We only prepare enough fish to satisfy orders made in advance, so contact us to place your order,

Bodhi Kroll: or    095 906 0381.

Room for rent

Rent a room with closet, dresser, night table, bed, a bathroom. Includes electricity, water, gas, Internet, washing machine and dryer. Nice area close to the av. Americas, near coral Centro, close to bank, supermarkets, bus stops and taxis. Furnished, $250, not negotiable. Pets are not allowed.

I am the owner, Maria Calderon:    411 1787 Cel: 098 980 4404.


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